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Dear Visitors,           

we welcome you on the home page of the diorama-project


We intend to create a platform about the development of this large diorama. The contents shall appeal to the collector of historical pewter figures, the model maker, the builder of dioramas, as well as everyone who is generally interested in this memorable historical epoch. 

We invite you on a trip into the past, into the Age of the late Napoleonic Wars, especially the days of October in the autumn of 1813 when the “Battle of Nations” took place near the city of Leipzig in eastern Germany.

For this Croebern-Project we chose the form of a large diorama. Our ambitious objective is to create a frozen timed scene of the “Battle of Nations” with 1:72 scale figures. We will show the arrival of the army reserves. In this case the arrival of the infantry divisions “Bianchi” and “Weißenwolff”, the Kürrasierdivision "Nostiz" and the austrian artillery on 16 October 1813, around 16.00 hrs on the battlefield between Croebern, Crostewitz, Markkleeberg, and the sheep-farm “Auenhain”. These two inantrydivisions and the cavalleriedivision were part of the Austrian Army Reserve of the Russian-Austrian Army of Bohemia under Count Schwarzenberg    
The most significant difference to other large diorama-projects in the same scale is that we want to implement the proven establishment of troops at a ratio of one to one. It goes without saying that the buildings and the terrain will be proportioned to the actualities of the situation. The representation of the Village of Croebern, alone, will cover 14 square Meters

Accompany us through all the different stages of the project - from the extensive research, the construction of the landscape as well as the buildings of the Village of Croebern, the research of the uniforms, to the painting of the figures.

We hope you will take delight in our site. We always have a sympathetic ear for your suggestions and criticism, and are looking forward to your emails.

Wolfgang Meyer